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The vision of XC Bragg Creek's PERFORMANCE MTB TEAM is to develop youth cyclists (ages 12-18) technical and athletic abilities through MTB Racing in a controlled and “Safe Training” environment.The focus of the PERFORMANCE TEAM program is to provide the ideal environment for young athletes to achieve their competitive training goals in a community that is as t is supportive, respectful and FUN. Ultimately, we know we’ve succeeded when our cyclists develop a lifelong passion for the sport of cycling with their friends and they demonstrate confidence in their abilities as they achieve their maximum potential in competition!


Coaches are certified through instruction from the Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association (PMBIA) and the National Coaches Certification Program. (NCCP). The PMBIA is the international standard for skills-based coaching techniques and is the standard used at most Major Bikes Parks. The PMBIA coaching model set the foundation for our coaching methodology. The NCCP was a leader in developing a national focus on Long Term Athlete Development and progressing throughout their athletic careers and is the foundation training progression throughout our tiers. Our coaches receive training and support through both training certifications to ensure we provide a consistent and unique training program that maximizes the athletes development throughout our program.


The PERFORMANCE TEAM's curriculum has been developed utilizing  the cycling industry best in class recognized organizations to deliver an exceptional experience and progression of our athletes. Working in collaboration with our PMBIA and NCCP certified coaches, the PMBIA Skills Progression and Instruction Model, and the NCCP Long Term Athlete Development Model our curriculum provides a unique comprehensive program that fosters our athletes to progress at the correct pace that meets the cyclists’ goals.


The PERFORMANCE TEAM's program has been designed with several  development and athlete goal focused “Tiers” that enable enhanced Coach to Athlete ratios to provide an efficient and effective learning environment for our athletes. Our XC Tiers 1, 2, 3 and our Enduro Tier ensures the athlete is supported, efficiently coached and trains effectively with cyclists of the same skill abilities, goals, ambitions and training expectations. Regardless if the athlete is just beginning to explore racing or has been racing for a few years our PROGRESSIVE TIERS provide continuous development and continuous challenge in a fun and supported team environment.


Mountain Biking is an inherently risky sport regarding physical injury and when training for racing the athletic development of young athletes can be compromised if improper training techniques and expectations go un-monitored. The PERFORMANCE TEAM is committed to providing a safe and managed environment and we put safety first for MTB cycling skill development by utilizing our High Coach to Athlete Ratios, our skill progression model for all Tiers, our Standardized Safety Plan that our coaches are trained to execute if we have an injury, and participation in the Benson’s Concussion Institutes high performance sport concussion program.  To safeguard the physical  development of our athletes our “Safe Training” program is designed to ensure the athlete is training safely and monitored within their Long Term Athlete Development plan based upon their age, maturity and physical abilities..


The PERFORMANCE TEAM attends several races per calendar season. The races are supported by our coaches with Race Team Tents and Race Prep equipment. Our coaches provide Race Course Pre-Ride Coaching, and Race Strategy at our designated supported races throughout the season to ensure our cyclists are well prepared for the race. On Race Day PERFORMANCE TEAM coaches are at the race to ensure a great environment to best support our athletes to deliver their best performance when it counts.


We strive to build a community of athletes that will support each other, build life long relationship, and become the future ambassadors of our sport. Ultimately these life lesson taken from the athletes peers and mentors from a shared Passion, Commitment, Drive and in turn Success and Confidence will benefits the athletes long after their racing careers.

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